Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Sue and a little progress...

I wanted to share a picture of the little towel I embroidered at the retreat I went to a few weeks ago.  I finished it up last week but forgot to post a picture.  My buddy, Angela shared a few embroidery patterns with me since I was travelling light and didn't take very many projects with me.  I used variegated DMC floss (also from Angie).  These are two different patterns I put together so Sue wasn't all by herself.  :o)  You wouldn't know it to look at this towel but I "DID" iron it!  lol  Angela had the patterns copied on transfer-eze (or a similar product) and you have to rinse the pattern off when your done the the stitching.  It works great but I guess I wrung it out too hard!  Besides BusyLiz, another nickname would be "bull-dozer"!  Don't turn me loose in a china shop!!!  :o)

Last night, even though I was feeling pretty sluggish, I fought the urge to be a couch potato and forced myself into the sewing room.  I finished cutting the parts out for the craft show bags.  My back was bothering me quite a bit so I lowered the ironing board and sat and ironed the fusible fleece to the parts that get it.  I think I have 15 bags cut out.  I had some fabric left over that wasn't quite the size the pattern calls for but I adjusted the pieces for a shorter bag and cut them out.  It's a children's western print so maybe some little 'cowpoke' will like it and can have a smaller version of the regular size bags.

Hoping to get some sewing done tonight.  These will be done by chain sewing so I probably won't have any done for a few days.  I can't wait to see some of the finished bags though cuz I found some cute prints.  I might have to sneak one or two bags to the finished stage for motivation.  hehe


The Other Barb said...

how cute is the embroidery~! Almost makes me want to try it..almost.
can't wait to see what the bags looks like. hope your back is feeling better~

Michelle said...

I didn't even see you stitching that little embroidery. It's cute!