Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Camp Camby Retreat

I went to the 10 Year Anniversary of the Backporch Friends retreat last Wednesday and got home on Sunday.  Me and another retreater, Conni, took a walk, me to stretch my legs and Conni to try and wake up!  :o)  I took a picture of the camp sign along the path.  Conni said there was a nicer sign at the main entrance but it was getting warm and I had gone far enough.  This will have to do for the scrapbook!

I took my Scrappity Do Dah blocks and got them stitched together.  The top measured approximately 68 x 70.  I think I used 230 blocks or so.  It will make a nice lap quilt.

Some of the ladies were going to the local quilt shop so I went along.  Going from CA to IN and trying to take one suitcase, (because of dumb luggage charges!), I didn't pack too much to work on.  I bought a kit at the quilt shop for this cute little drawstring bag.

When that was done, I dug into a box of scraps Peggy shared to make a Trip Around the World block.  The girls were making the block for an online challenge and they shared the pattern with the rest of us.  I put a bigger border on mine so it would be a good sized little topper for my coffee table.

Here are some of the blocks we all made.  They were all so pretty and no matter the fabric combination, they were all winners.  We left them up on the design wall and I couldn't help but to keep looking at them.  So pretty.

One day when we were walking back to the sewing room after having lunch, the ladies at Camp Camby were planting flowers in the big pots on the premises.  We had such nice sunshiny days and it took no time at all for the flowers to bloom and fill in.  I love this double blooming azalea and the little white blossoms.  I've not seen those in CA.  Anyone know what they're called?

After four and a half days of sewing, it was back on the plane for home.  It's always so sad to leave your sewing buddies but nice to get back home too.


The Other Barb said...

Looks like a nice time was had by all~. The quilt block that you all made looks so neat. All those little squares joined together to make a pretty piece!

Milah said...

It was so nice meeting you, Liz! I hope you come back next year!