Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vintage Kitty Top Done!

From the looks of this picture, it looks like I was drinking last night but honest, I wasn't.  Tilt your head a little.  It'll look better.  lol

It was very late last night when I went in and finished sewing borders on this simple quilt top.  This is the one I started after Road to CA and before my hubby's hip surgery, Ellis's birthday dress, etc.  It's a little long but I wanted more than five blocks and this was the setting me and my sis came up with.

This is an 'extra' quilt.  One I might put away for my imaginary granddaughter.  lol  Don't you love these fabrics???  Most are from Pam Kitty Morning.

I squared up my blocks after adding the off white background piece but they still look a little wonky.  I am happy with my decision to keep the scallop borders on the kitty blocks. 

Oh!  And I got home from work to this little bundle at my door!!  I ordered some more chalkboard vinyl for more craft projects like this one and couldn't resist these other pieces I saw.  I have a cute tote pattern using oil cloth and liked these color combos.  Add it to the list! 

Yawn....I shouldn't have take that break to watch tv and then go back in the sewing room.  Me and Jimmy Kimmel are becoming good friends.  ;o)

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