Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Stampin'

My daughter Stephanie had a workshop here today so I'm sharing a card box we made and three crads we made.

Stephanie downloaded the pattern for this card box.  My first attempt at this box was a bomb since I was visiting and didn't have my own set of directions.  Once I was able to pay attention, the box was pretty easy to make.  It was made usint plain white cardstock and stamping the design on the box.  I love the stamp set we used.  So pretty.

This is the box open.  If I decide to keep this box (I have a photo box I keep my cards in), I will make dividers for it.  I might use it to tuck a gift in.  I'm not sure yet.

This workshop was nice and easy cards.  I love the paper on this one.  And now that there is a big flower punch to go with the flower stamp, it was super simple to put together.

I love this girly card.  This paper was fun too.  Mmmm, polka dots.  :o)

And this is a repeat of one I did as a sample for Steph to use.  We changed the scentiment to "Hello" and use the little embossing butterfly plate to accent the card.

Back to sewing tomorrow!!!  :o)

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The Other Barb said...

love the cards..I got some ideas now to share with my friend. thanks :)