Sunday, September 11, 2011


I never understood the feeling that generations before us experienced when they described their experiences of World War 1 or 2....until 9/11. Waking up to the clock radio saying something about a plane hitting a tower in New York and running to turn on the television. And then driving to work to watch the rest of the story there, glued to my chair. It feels like it was yesterday and yet, we have come a long way. I hope we are all a little wiser today then we were back then. It's a shame so many had to die at the hands of the terrorists. God bless all of those families.

My hubby and I will be at a car show with his `34 with the air brush 9-11 paint job. I think of all the days he will drive his car, today will mean something extra special to him and all that see it. Take care.

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