Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend of going, going and it was gone!

You know how it is......blink! Where did my weekend go? But this was fun. Friday we headed to the casino for my hubby's 55th birthday. He kept saying he turned "double nickles" so he had to go to one of the Indian casinos for a little card playing. He convinced me to go and said I could shop at the Crate and Barrel outlet out there. (I can't afford anything in the regular store so my only chance to own anything is to shop the outlet. lol) AND IT WAS GONE!!!!! No more C&B in Cabazon. WHAAAAAA. So I stayed in the stinky casino. Pooey. I did make out on the deal though. Hubby feels sorry for me so he gave me a crisp hundred dollar bill. Of course, I took my sewing with me and didn't play the slots so my $$ came home with me. I went shopping on Saturday and used it to buy him some presents. LOL.....yes, he bought his own presents. It wasn't the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last. :o)

Some of the goodies from our girls. He always gets a stash of peanut butter cups!
Sunday we went to a car show in Belmont Shores/Long Beach. It was such a gorgeous day. They started lining up at o'dark thirty in the morning so hubby went alone and I got a little extra shut-eye.
Richard got an EXCELLENT spot in the shade the whole day and it was right by a sports bar so my future son-in-law Dave could watch football all day long! The lookie-loos were loving Richard's car. Picture after picture. It was cool to see. And the event with this paint job, perfect for each other.
I don't know how I mustered up the energy after we got home and unpacked the cars but I went to Michaels with my daughter. When I got home, she left, Richard passed out and I sealed the wedding invitations. They were mailed today!!!!
I don't know what the post office is crying about going broke! It cost $1.08 to mail each invitation!!!!! It would've almost been cheaper to deliver them in person! lol Off to get some sewing done. Have a great night!


The Other Barb said...

sounds like a fun weekend in spite of no Crate & Barrel outlet :)

Michelle said...

Happy birthday, Richard! Share some of those peanut butter cups?