Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shock!!!! I sewed something! :o)

Finally got into my sewing room this past weekend. Shocking, right? Seems like forever since I'd sewn something. My sister is visiting so she hung out with me and helped iron down seams. You know, cheap (free) labor kind of stuff. :o) I'm making bags for all the bridesmaids in my daughter's wedding. And since time is flying by, I know November will be here before I know it so I have to put the pedal to metal......or foot to the pedal or something like that. lol

I couldn't get the lighting down on my camera so this picture will have to do. The pattern is from This and That by Sherri Falls. It is a thick bag with fusible fleece and a layer of batting but it's a nice bag and a good size. The bag on the left is for my oldest daughter and she asked for a thicker band of accent fabric so hers looks just a little different. She picked her own fabric and was over on Saturday when I finished this bag. She tried to take it home but I told her 'no way', that she had to wait for the rehearsal dinner. Yes, she pouted. lol

The pattern is called Swanky Bag and it was only $4.50. Ashley, the bride-to-be picked it out herself. Here is a picture of the bag from the pattern. I will just be using big buttons and not fabric covered ones because I have to make nine bags but I might add the yo-yo flower after I'm done with all of the bags. We'll see. I like the look of the flower but I'm not sure if I'll have that much time. I still have a mom-dress to buy and a list of things to do like Santa's so we'll see.

Other than Kelley's fabric and some black and white polka dot fabric, everything came from my stash. The black and white dots seemed to go with just about all the fabrics I had picked out so I got a few yards of it at Joann's. Boy, using that fabric with quilt shop quality is VERY different. I probably should've just gone to a quilt shop and bought good stuff. I hope it holds up.

Two down, seven to go.......

Last night, I pulled weeds in the backyard and can hardly move today. Argh.... Sewing tonight will be a nice thing to do while my glutes recover. LOL


Impera_Magna said...

Love the bridesmaids' bags... what a great gift for them!

The Other Barb said...

What cute bags! I've looked at that pattern. But already have a couple "bag" patterns that I haven't done yet.

PEGGY said...

I love your bags! The girls picked cute fabrics.