Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shower Invitations, round two

My girls came over last week and we had an assembly party to put together the invitations for my youngest daughter, Ashley's bridal shower. The two older girls are hostessing the shebang for their little sister. As with the wedding invites (that are being put together as we speak) and save-the-dates, Kelley created the invites. We all took on a task or two and they went together likity-split!

*Update* - There was a picture here but I was put on restriction and told that I can't post pictures until the invitations are received by the people invited. (That was from Kelley. She's such a party-pooper!)

*2nd Update* - We went to dinner for Ashley's birthday on Tuesday. The girls talked. The entire theme of the shower changed!! The date changed. The people remained the same! lol

I guess the only picture I can share with you is Kaya, Dave and Ashley's baby. Dave's mom calls it her grandcat so I guess as the other-mother, it's my grandcat too. Argh........I am NOT an animal person! At least she is a good girl. The picture is a little dark because I didn't know if the flash would freak her out. lol

I hope to share some of this Top Secret information with you soon. Imagine, putting me on no-photo-detail!!!!! Hmpf!

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