Friday, July 30, 2010

TNT was like Christmas!!!

Last night was Thursday Night Therapy. Our little group was it's normally small number but it was jam-packed!!

The first to show up was Michelle. No, this picture isn't Michelle but it's a gift she made for me. :o) You might recognize it from her blog banner. Adorable, right?

I met Michelle online and she lives just about 20 minutes from me. She is a VERY busy mom of two adorable little girls so we usually only get to see each other a couple times a year or we bump into each other at a quilt run! But she is a sweetheart and she never comes over empty handed. She also brought over some quilt and craft books she recently got at Amazon and of course, I had to add a few titles to my 'wish list'. Man, we crafters love to spread around the misery of empty pockets, don't we? hehe

Then Neena showed up with her hands full. (By the way, Neena is in real need of updating her blog!!! Four months, Neena? tsk tsk) She just got back from her Stampin' Up! convention in Utah. She brought some of the cards she swapped out with other demonstrators. They swap just the fronts of cards for ideas. She got quite a variety with just about every theme you could imagine. It got me itchin' to make some more cards!!! (She's a bad influence!) lol

Then she gave me these two gifts and my little bunny popped in the picture. Look how happy she is just to be in the picture. lol Neena gave me this pop up trash can which is the perfect gift for me. Every time we have TNT, I put a tupperware bowl on the table for trash and scraps. I was in real need of this baby! And when not in use, it folds up lickity split and takes up almost no room. Which of course, leaves me much more room for paper, fabric and all of the other collections I have! She also gave me that slick ruler in the picture. Can't EVER have too many rulers. (Kind of like quilts, right?) :o)

I'm sitting here like Fred Flintstone, waiting for the whistle to blow so I can yabba-dabba-do and go home for the day!


Conni said...

Cute sock critter that Michelle made!! Makes you smile just looking at it. Aren't friends the best.

The Other Barb said...

I looked closely at the cards for ideas. Some nice ones there! Love the TNT idea. My friend & I get together on Friday mornings so TNT logo won't work for us :)