Monday, July 5, 2010

A little sewin'

Last weekend on the quilt run, I bought some of this little mushroom fabric for my oldest daughter, Kelley. It's called Critter Jamboree by Barb somebody for Clothworks. I can't read the lady's last name on the fabric. Kelley's lovin' red and white polka dot mushrooms lately. So much in fact that she decorated her bathroom with them and I'll use whatever fabric is leftover from these bags for some little panels for her window.

Anyway, I used the fabric to make her (and me) a make-up bag. I got an easy pattern, also on the quilt run, called Little Glam Bag from Pink Sand Beach Designs. It was pretty easy to make and they offer all kinds of ways to piece them together.

The green dot was in my middle daughter's scrap bag and the gingham was in my stash. It worked perfect for the lining. And I had some little 'dingle balls' that Kelley liked for the trim. I used ribbon for my bag.

I might make a few more of these. Don't you like smaller projects to get you by in between massive quilt projects?

I might put more bags on the back burner for a while though. I need to do some of my stitchery bom. Man, I already got the one for July and I haven't even finished May yet. Geesh!


Robin said...

Just love your little bags Liz!!! I have a billion little bag patterns too and would love to do some..I think you've inspired me! LOL Great job!

Kelley said...


And you didn't tell me you made yourself one too, LOL!

See what happens when you have a blog, LOL, I check up on you.


Conni said...

I told my sister the other day that mushroom fabric was going to be coming back in!! She said, "No way!!" HA! I guess I was right...what do those older sisters know anyway!!! LOL!!!

The Other Barb said...

what cute little make-up bags. love the fabric too.