Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby Shower Party Favors

My friend Debbie is throwing a baby shower for her daughter. She asked for some help with party favors. In the old days, I remember little diapers made out of fabric and dipped in wax for nut cups. Much too messy to me. I looked on the ever reliable Internet and saw several flannel or felt diapers for party favors. We hijacked the idea and made these little diapers. The mom-to-be is doing a lavendar butterfly nursery so that was the theme.

I cut 7" squares of flannel and we folded them in half and put a safety pin to hold them together. Then I poked through the legs with my finger to create a little folded bottom so the diapers had a nice shape. They were too funny looking with just the folds and no tuck. I put a dot of Tacky glue to keep the diaper in this shape. We put a small charm on the safety pin to add a little "somethin'-somethin'". :o) We got the charms at Joann's in the cake aisle. I think they're made by Wilton. There were 12 in the package for around $3.00 but we used our coupons.

I printed some cardstock on my home printer to use as a little tag. I used a small label format but instead of printing labels, I printed on white cardstock. That let me do three columns by about twelve rows. Debbie cut the columns apart and then used the oval punch from Stampin' Up! to cut the white cardstock and the oval scallop punch in different colors for the back of the tags. I gave Debbie some homework on Thursday night to punch out the tags, glue them together and make the bows. I have a handy little bow maker tool and she said it went pretty fast. We thought they came out really nice. We'll fill them with a white cupcake paper and then fill them with candy and they'll be a nice little keepsake from the shower.

One of the other sites I looked at had a diaper wreath. My daughter Stephanie has made diaper cakes before but I've never done anything like this. I just followed the picture from the Internet and tied on toys Debbie got at Target. It only took about a half hour I think.

Off to go sew on a quilt. All this baby stuff is keeping me out of the sewing room!


Terry said...

Those little diapers are so cute! And the diaper wreath is adorable! You gusy did a great job! :0)

L. Michelle said...

I love these diapers I think I might incorporate theme into my shower.

Gael O'Connell said...

Really cute and I am thinking about this for baby shower in Sept. really lovely. Thank you for idea.