Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scalloped borders

Remember that class I took with Darlene Zimmerman a few weeks ago? You can see a few of her samples in this post. Well, I put what I learned to work on my little nine patch quilt. I really love Darlene's ruler and method of doing scallops. It was SO easy. You make single bias strips so they follow the curves very easy and because they are single strips, there is literally no bulk. So easy! (Did I say that already?) lol Geez, if "I" think it's easy, anyone can do it!! :o)
This is a picture of the front....

And this is the back. You just put a small crease in the fabric and fold it over and it looks perfect.

I didn't like the puckering in the fabric in one area of the quilt so before I share a picture of the top, I need to add some more quilting. I took some pictures and called Dr. Isabel (my sister) for some suggestions. I think we came up with a design that would work so I have to find some time to do that. I've got a friend coming over tonight for some help with baby shower favors and I have to go Momma sit this weekend so it might have to wait until next week. Ohhhh, I am so close to a finish, I can't stand it!!!