Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Now what? And 'hello Shannon' :o)

I can't grow tomatoes. I will spare you pictures of what my tomato plant looks like. It's VERY sad. But guess what? I can grow jalapenos.

But guess what else? I don't like spicy food. LOL Now that's some smart farmin', huh? What I need is for my tomatoes to grow like my jalapenos because I love me some 'maters. :o) Guess I'll go buy a crate of tomatoes and maybe try my hand at salsa. You can 'can' salsa right? CanCan....hehehe.....I got a picture of jalapenos doing the can-can but I should've pictured them doing the Mexican Hat Dance!!! Arriba!!!! Ole'! :o)

Okay, let's get serious. Mmm, maybe not! Let me take this moment to pretend that I'm Queen Latifa and send a "shout out to my girl Shannon" in Kansas. hehe It's a small world we live in and the Internet makes it even smaller. I got an email from a friend, Nan, who I know from one of my Yahoo groups. She works at the quilt shop in Kansas called
Quilting Bits & Pieces, the shop I am doing my BOM Berry Picking from. This is from Nan's email:

"Something funny happened yesterday at the shop. Shannon, my Monday co-worker asked me if someone named Liz did the Berry Picking BOM. I said yes, why? She said one of the blogs that she reads, "Busy Liz" had pics of Berry Picking blocks and she looked really close at her computer and decided they were our fabrics! I said, yes they are! :) It turns out, Liz, that she found your blog from
Reeze's blog on the sidebar of favorite blogs. Cool, huh? She said she loves your blog and all the cute stuff you do."

Well, isn't that somethin'? And what a small, small world. So Shannon, this is where I am on my block. I'm still a month (or two) behind but I'm getting closer to getting this one done and then it's onto that monster block! The last one is a biggie - a basket full of jelly jars and 'stuff'.

I am also working on some scrappy summertime baskets for a swap. The block is from Quilter's Cache and it's called Bouquet. I've got three more sets of five to finish so I better get busy and get these mailed off. Lots to do.........

Bye Shannon!!! :o)


3anklebiters said...

you always knew you'd be famous and known across the country! we loves us some "hal-peenos" up here. i make and can jalapeno jelly and honeyed pickled jalapenos.

PEGGY said...

Hello to Shannon.....
Your lemonade glass is looking wonderful. I have mine traced....but I still have to finish redoing the Sweet Cream block before I can start the lemonade glass. BUT, I got my Snow Days kit last week and have the 1st block almost done and all the pieced blocks done yesterday...I'm all over the place with my embroidery :)


The Other Barb said...

jalapeno & creme cheese make for a nice dip.
Love the summer basket blocks. great way to use up scraps.
You do great embroidery. I've never done that but admire those who do.
Enjoy your day!