Monday, February 8, 2010

February Card Workshop

Okay, here are the photos from the card workshop and all our pretty cards. Neena says she just copies from all the creative peeps out there but she still manages to find the great ones for us to play. Here's her set up on the good ol' dining room table.

This was card #1. They turned out so pretty. There were four of us doing the workshop, Neena's sister came over with her 8 year old daughter Summer, me and Latoya, a friend of Neena's. I think it's quite a testimonial to the 'product' and demonstrator because I don't think you can really tell which cards the adults made and which ones Summer made.

And here are some of the Valentine's cards we made.

And the most adorable doggone little milk carton candy holders. I should've taken a picture with the carton out of the holder but I forgot. Take my word for it, they're C-U-T-E!!! :o)

So last night I sat down to address all of my cards and I was a couple short. I made this one with leftovers from the other cardmaking days. I've been reorganizing my 'paper room' and it must be paying off because everything was within an arms reach and made putting this card together very quick and easy!

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