Saturday, February 6, 2010

Little Dresses

I've seen little dresses created into quilts on blogs like Holly's blog and even have a few patterns like Darcy's Dresses and one for mini aprons. Well, I got to thinking the other day that I wanted to do a swap for the online group I do so I started playing in EQ6. The more I started designing, the more this was looking like a dress from the 50's or something Lucy Ricardo would wear. So I called the swap "I Love Lucy" and printed up a pattern to sew up and see how it looked. This was my result.

As I was stitching it up, I was getting excited. It was coming out so cute. Yay!! Then I thought about laying on some embellishments like buttons. So I did that. And then I pictured a little corsage so I traced a circle on scrap fabric from the bottom of a spool and made a yoyo corsage. How's that?

And just so you get some perspective of how nimble my gigantor fingers had to get, here is a flower head pin next to the yoyo corsage. :o)

We'll do the dresses in 30's prints so they should come out pretty cute. They're not due until May 1st so I'll probably go back to this project after I do a few ufo's. I've decided the thing I do the best is juggle.....projects, that is!
I went to my friend Neena's house today to make cards. I'll post the adorable projects we made tomorrow.


Barb said...

How cute.....looks like alot of fun too!!!

Pat said...

Oh...I just LOVE that dress pattern you made!!!

3anklebiters said...

Lucy is one of my all-time favorites and i love this swap idea.