Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My first 2010 finish!

I'm sure I said it before but this was a kit my friend Neena bought and (again) I'm not quite sure how she got me to make it for her because she owns two sewing machines and all the paraphernalia! But it's done and I'll give it to her tomorrow night at TNT (Thursday Night Therapy). :o)
This is the beautiful backing fabric. Pretty stuff, huh?

And I just had to share this cutie-patootie with you. My co-worker Becca gave me this ADORABLE little cut out from a local craft store for my birthday. Isn't it cute? The cherry and the sign both have some glittery chunky stuff on them that make them sparkle so pretty.

For now, they're sitting on my little hutch by the back door. I think I'll try to clean a little clutter in the kitchen and find a special place for it on the counter.
Last night I worked on my BOM stitchery a little bit. I am SO far behind. Wait til I get a hold of Peggy and Robin for talking me into that! LOL I'm working on November and I saw in my checking account and February was just debited. Yikes......


Barb said...

Love your runner and cherrie picker.

peggy said...

Who moi? LOL
I just asked Robin and many months have we been getting these kits? 8? How many are in the project? I was working on my strawberry caps tonight while I watched Criminal Minds. I'm soooo far behind too.
Love your runner!