Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yesterday morning when I went outside to go to work, it seemed extra cold to me. Well, I should say cold for Orange County (CA), not like the east coast, since they are buried under snow right now. So I started the car and I noticed this cute little snowflake next to the temperature. Wow, my car came with clipart! I wonder if when we hit 105 in the summer I'll get a little sun icon to advise me of how hot it is? Lord knows, I can't figure these things out for myself. LOL
What's that you say? You looked at the clock and saw it said 7:57? Yes, I start work at 8:00 a.m. Yes, I was late. What's your point? lol No one usually gets to work until after me so I figure if I show up on time, it gets wasted because there's no one there to see it. Really!

So, the boss's birthday is rolling around. I shared how she spoiled me on my birthday with balloons, roses and a hundred dollar gift card. She could've done it cuz she loves me but she might've had an ulterior motive with her birthday right after mine. hehe I had to bite the bullet and do the most dreaded thing ever.....EVER!!! I had to GO TO THE MALL! Ack! The other day I asked her what she wanted. She's very difficult to buy for. She said a small pan from Williams Sonoma. Eeegad, I knew what that meant. I looked online but knew I'd have to go to the store in order to have it on time. Gasp!

Shopping wasn't that bad. I found the pot. It was on sale. It was still ridiculously priced for a pot but I figured I owed her. While I was in the mall, I went and got some face cream at Sephora and looked around Macy's because I had a $50 gift card from Christmas. I thought I better look while I was there cuz I might NEVER go back! I was feeling parched at this point. It happens every time I go shopping. My girls laugh at me. I don't know why it happens. Maybe I hyperventilate while I'm there and my mouth gets dry while I'm gasping for air. hehe
After shopping, I took some take-out home for dinner. Two of my girls were there so after catching up with them I got in my room and sewed a little bit.

I sewed one seam in this project (stitch in the ditch) and honestly, I think shopping took everything out of me cuz I was exhausted. I just don't have shopping stamina! I went and parked myself on the couch and worked on my BOM that I am behind on while watching American Idol.
I'm getting close to being done with this block. It was a BIG one!

I've got the gloves, some flowers and the doily to finish. I've got December and January traced and then February got delivered last week. Eeegads, don't these people know I have a life! LOL
My mom is needing a new recliner so I volunteered to help my sister shop for it. Yes, it is more shopping but it doesn't involve the mall so I think I'll live. If you don't hear from me for a few days, call 9-1-1, the Park Rangers, the Canadian Mounties........or maybe Mall Cop! :o)


greetingarts said...

Well, let's just clarify here for a moment. You don't have *mall* shopping stamina. Shopping in general, you're just fine. Quilt shops, craft shows, Jo-Anns, Tall Mouse, I think you're okay with all those, right? :0)

3anklebiters said...

W-S could easily be my favorite store, luckily my income keeps me from going in there too often. LOL! your embroidered block is beautiful. are you using crayons or markers or something else to shade?

Conni said...

I'm with you on the malls...not my favorite place to shop! I don't do well in crowds, so maybe that is part of it for me. When I do go, it is in "bee-line" mode. Hurry to the store I want, get the item I want, and get out of there!! LOL!!

Angela said...

Thank you for my sweet get well goodies. You know what I like!!! Hope your mom is doing well. I am so out of the loop. Has she had her surgery yet??? love you