Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My daughter Kelley was going to do a "pay it forward" on her blog in October. She had seen it on another blog and liked the idea but she only got a few responses and two of those were people who didn't have a blog (a requirement). So she decided to cancel it but still do an exchange with the interested ladies. There were six of us - Kelley, Stephanie (my daughter and Kelley's sister), me, Isabel (my sis), Neena the Stampin' Up! chick and a friend of Kelley's, Jackie.
Kelley swapped out the goodies last week but I'm just getting around to post about it. Tis the season to run around like a headless chicken!!! :o)
These are what Kelley made. Little kids dressed up like Humpty Dumpty like one of her drawings. The only thing missing was a crack in the shell and a little bandaid. I thought she did really good especially since she doesn't sew that much and they had little tiny arms to get turned out!

These were some of the other treasures I received. Jackie has a Yulu printing machine so she printed us a tote bag to drag around our unfinished projects. (Hopefully to get them finished!) Isabel was on the ball and made little Chinese take-out boxes. Since this swap was announced in early October, she made some out of Halloween fabric. Who knew they'd be swapped out in December?

This adorable little ghost was tucked inside the Halloween take-out container. Isabel crocheted it from a free pattern from Lyon Brand Yarn website.

And Neena made these fabulous personalized stationary boxes for each of us. They contain a post-it note, a spot for stamps, three greeting cards, gift tags and gift cards. They were all so pretty. The decorative paper she used was gorgeous and they were all different.

A little close up. I turned the flash off of my digital camera because it was too bright and overexposed. Without the flash, the pictures look orange but believe me, the cards and box are a gorgeous cherry red. Yummmy!

Aren't my friends talented. My daughter Stephanie's project isn't shown here. She needed to finish up one last step so I told her I'd photograph it later but wanted to share these for now.
I went to my friend's house last night and quilted a quilt for my boss. I just did a big meander all over. It's just a piece of fabric with borders on it. I showed a picture of it here from the trip to the condo. It's the one with deep red borders. Anyway, I just did a big meander all over it and will get the label made tonight and sew on the binding. Sooooo much to do, so little time!


ojaiquilter said...

Ooh, I'm so excited about getting the rest of them. This was too fun. Tell all the contributors thank you.

Conni said...

Your daughter is soooo darn talented!! I would have LOVED to have been a part of that swap!!! LOL!!!