Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It felt like we fed the masses!

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving. We served 30 at our house! We were busting at the seams but we got to visit and laugh and enjoy the family. All reasons to be thankful!!
I started the morning with these two buddies. :o) They went into the oven at 8:45 a.m.

The family showed up one group at a time. Little by little we had a houseful from San Diego, Orange County, Ojai, Lancaster.....and nobody was empty handed! I do the dinner and they bring the snacks. Oh my, as if the big birds and ham weren't going to be enough, we had a cheese ball, veggie platter, fruit and dip, chip and dip, nacho cheese, salami/pepperoni and cheeses. I'm glad they had all those cheese dishes. It helped me to not overeat that day. Cheese = blech!!!

THE BIRD IS DONE!!!! Don't you just love that last hour before the meal? Stuffing out, check. Rolls in, check. Taters mashed, check. Gravy made, check. Let's eat!!!

With 30 people, there is no way we were having a sit down dinner. We set the food up on the counter and lined up for buffet-style. Hey, we're a big family and nobody would be impressed by a sit down dinner with china. Just put a plate of food in front of them and they're happy campers.
Of course, after all that food, we took our annual walk. My streets are kind of long and we walked around two of them. Would you be scared if you saw us coming around your corner?? hehe

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Maybe some of you spent a nice quiet day at home. (Lucky dogs!) LOL
Me and my hubby were slugs all weekend, watching movies and eating leftovers. Working so much on turkey day wore-me-out!!! I did have him help me get the bins of Christmas decorations down from the rafters. I don't get many volunteers from my girls to help with the decorating. They complain that I'm too picky about where things go. Can you imagine? hehe I can't help it if they put stuff here or there and when they come back to visit, it's in a different place!


Angela said...

A mexican parade. Sweet! Who carried the pinata??? smooches :o))

Kelley said...

Ha ha - yes, Angela...but it is the whitest bunch of Mexicans on earth, I think :)

greetingarts said...

Now I feel like such a slug. All I did was drive 400 miles to go mooch Thanksgiving lunch and leftovers off of dear old Mom and Dad!

And jeez, you'd think people who loved you would have picked up on your lack of enthusiasm for cheese...