Friday, December 18, 2009

Little Snowbuddies

About a week ago, Neena, my friend the Stampin Vixen, sent me a link to this blog with the cutest idea ever for a little favor or classroom gift! And that blog mentioned this blog with the free download in a pdf. I guess she downloaded it at some point and shared it. How great is that! So off I went to print, print, print. I just used regular paper, not cardstock. I figured anyone who got one was just going to rip into it and eat it so why waste my good paper. :o)

Neena and Sherrie came over last night for a little TNT and these are the result of a little production line.

Cute little dudes, don't you think? Of course, besides the printing and cutting the paper, I also had to hit Costco for Hershey bars (about $17 for a box of 36) and dug in my stash for a piece of fleece because I didn't have any little kid socks. My kids aren't little anymore! Had I seen this pattern a while ago, I could've hit up a thrift store or something but the fleece worked good enough. Thank goodness it wasn't camouflage or something worse than the red and purple I had. Although, I don't own anything camouflage so I don't even know why I mentioned it. LOL

Here's a close up of the graphic. I just cut a strip of fleece for the scarf. On some of them, when we pulled it tight to tie it, it curled right up.

Each of the girls took about 10 home and I'll put the rest in a small basket on the table when my family comes over for Christmas next Sunday. I think they'll either take them and keep them or tear their cute faces off and gobble them right down. hehe

And if I didn't post this, I would be living up to my Ogre name. Neena got a new doggie. I guess you wouldn't say he's a "used" dog but since he's not a puppy, maybe he's a hand-me-down. :o) His name is Charlie but she wants to call him Chopper. That's this week. She's already come up with a couple other names she likes. Her hubby thinks Charlie's name is just fine since he's had it for about a year. He's a good boy and Neena is smitten with him. I don't get it. LOL

We are off to RV for a few days and come home before Christmas. My hubby is renting the vehicle as we speak. I still don't know what he was thinking by kidnapping me a few days before Christmas. The man obviously has no idea how much work is left to do before we celebrate the joy of Christmas. But we're working it out. Our kids will join us for one night and I'm going to my sisters to do some baking. I might live through this!! :o)


Robin said...

omg I dunno what's cuter...your snowman hershey bars or Neena's doggie! LOL both are super cute!! And I like Charlie for the doggie's name ;)

Conni said...

Love, love the Hershey bar snowmen!!

Reeze Hanson said...

Those snow buddies are just too cute Liz. You are the crafty queen for sure. You come up with the cutest stuff. As I was hanging up ornies from retreat on my tree last week I remember the one you made for me. . . TWICE . . . after Rockie chewed up the first one! LOL

And NEEEEEEEEENNNNAAAAA! What a great pic of her and dogie!!! LOL Hugs to all my CA best buds! Merry Christmas from Reeze in snowy KS