Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Body parts and Lookey-loo's

My daughter Kelley....the artsy-fartsy one, Kelley Bo Belley, was over last night to work on some projects for a little swap we are doing. She saw a "pay it forward" swap and was going to do that on her blog but didn't have enough people sign up so she just asked friends and family to do it. She had her 'body parts' cut out and borrowed my sewing machine to sew them together.

I came in the room with my camera because, well, we HAVE to have pictures for blogging, right? After I snapped the above photo, Kelley asked to borrow the camera for a minute. Her little partners in crime (an unfinished Halloween project) were watching her sew from the pile of paint bottles.

Kelley didn't tell me her little friend's names. They're awfully cute sitting there so PATIENTLY waiting for a coat of varnish and some stain to dirty them up a bit. Maybe they'll be next in line after the body parts get put together. Sheesh, I sound a little grusome talking about body parts and vampires. :o)


greetingarts said...

Wow, she is so talented. Just like Mommy! Can't wait to see what she comes up with...

Kelley said...

I've given them very hip names: Drake and Frankie, hee hee.

Thanks greetingarts!