Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday Playday

Two of my girls came over yesterday. Daughter #2 works at a hospital and usually has the weekend shift so she was among the missing but I guess if they come over in dribbles, I never have a chance to get lonely. :o) The youngest and her boyfriend came over and did their laundry and packed up her Wii game she left here last weekend. No more bowling for me unless I go to the bowling alley! lol

Kelley, my blogging artist daughter, came over to play with her Gocco machine. She drew up a little vintage couple of kids and will foof them up in some fashion or other for Valentine's Day. You can read the whole story on her blog but this is my version. :o) Last time she came over she used all my white cardstock but we both forgot about last time....until this time. lol So after she drew up her little design and went to print it....uh, paper? "Mom, I forgot paper." And I ask, "Didn't you use all my paper the last time?" "Oh." I dug out some cards that you can get at Michaels that come with the envelopes. The Gocco printed up nicely on that type of cardstock. So Kelley got to printing but then you end up with all these cards with wet ink. What to do, what to do??? You get clever!

It was a nice day and I had the window open anyway. Good ol' mini blinds. Sooo many uses. lol

While she was printing away, I whipped up a little tube bag thingy for her to put her plastic grocery bags in. Of course, I didn't think to take a picture but it's okay, it wasn't much. Just a hunk of fabric with elastic at the top and bottom and a ribbon for hanging. Then I played around with some quilting designs for a top I've had for-e-ver!! I'm hostessing a UFO Challenge to encourage the Backporch girls to finish some of the project that have sat around way too long.

This top is at least five years old! I'm determined to get it quilted. I'm not sure I like this desing so I may just stipple it. Quilting! And I used to think making the blocks was the HARD part!!!!


Laura-IH said...

Liz, I laughed right out loud when I saw all the cards in the blinds! What a hoot! : )

I really like the quilting design you drew. I say, "Go for it!: ; )

peggy said...

OMG, the quilt itself is gorgeous and if you do that quilt design then you are my hero!!! It will be one gorgeous quilt!!!

If you find it not to fit into your decor, I'll send you my address..I'm sure I could find a place for it :)