Friday, January 23, 2009

Sewing Night

Thursday was sewing night with my group of friends. The regulars are Neena the die hard because she almost always shows up. Sherrie the happy wanderer because she is always traveling somewhere, either for football or just because she can. And there's Debbie. Hmmm, what can I call Debbie? Maybe Debbie the Delinquent because she's not here very often. hehe

Neena brought over some blocks she started working on a while back. She got them pressed and squared up. Debbie didn't bring anything over to work on so I was so kind as to put her to work. I'm nice that way. :o) I had some 5" nickels for charity that I got from ladies I swap with on Backporch Friends. I had started sewing them together into a top but it needed another row to be a bit bigger. I had Debbie do that to finish that one up.

She got that one row sewed on that quilt and then sewed up another batch of squares for quilt top number two.

Here are the blocks Neena sewed together. This is going to be a basketweave type quilt. It's so pretty. I can't wait to see it when she gets the blocks sewed together.

I worked on quilting on my stack `n whack while the girls were busy doing their projects. I baked these little bundt cakes for dessert. They could've used a little glaze but I didn't see that on the recipe until the plates were empty so guess I'll have to make them again. The girls didn't complain. :o)


Conni said...

Love the red polka dot plate!! Anything would taste yummy served on that! LOL!!! Wish I had someone to work on my UFO's!! he-he!!

Angela said...

Love it all. AND the plate too.

greetingarts said...

Hey, what a concept. You actually did something with your charms? I should think about that...

Let me know when you make the mini Bundts again, with glaze, I'll skip dinner and run on over! Yummy! :0)

ojaiquilter said...

I would like the recipe for the bundts. It looks like everyone was busy getting things done!