Thursday, August 21, 2008

Serger Cover

It's so nice to have a friend with big girl toys like a super industrial monster embroidery machine! Sherrie, yes the infamous Sherrie who gave me her old serger, also has a beast of an embroidery machine. We took a class together to make a serger cover (so I could remember how to thread the dang thing! lol) and the instructor had this download for the thread spools. The class was a bit of an ordeal, partly because we're a couple of tards and partly because of a bad list of supplies. We were supposed to take quilted fabric and Sherrie had a bunch of sandcastle-type and thought that would be okay. It wasn't heavy enough so we left the class and went to Joann's and got this white stuff. We were supposed to have accent pieces for the handle, pockets and bottom trim but it didn't say that on the supply list. Lord knows, I have 10 million yards of cute sewing fabric but nooooo, I had to buy this Debbie Mumm fabric at Joann's! Then, since it's a serger class, I thought it was obvious that we would sew it together with our sergers but noooo again. We were to use our sewing machines. I didn't bring a sewing machine. I brought my serger! Afterall, wasn't that the whole point of taking classes, so we would remember how to use it! lol
So here's a picture of the side pocket. If you have a Babylock you can store your cheater card here. I have a Pfaff and can fit my book right there. Cool huh?
And this other side could hold your accessory box or whatever. The instructor sewed a seam down this side to make two smaller pockets but I wanted to try it on my machine first to decide. I think I'll leave it one long one. :o)


Myra said...

That is a lovely cover! love the spools!
Something I should make... My poor machine is sitting there collecting dust... Haven't used that one in a while... 8-)
Happy stitchings!

peggy said...

GREAT serger cover!! I like the embroidered cool!!!
I always wanted a serger too but never thought I'd need one....
Happy Birthday to your daughter...she's beautiful!!!