Monday, August 25, 2008

I've Been Sewin'!!

I made up this sample block for a swap on Backporch Friends, a Yahoo group. I took over the site last year. I don't know how this block will work for a swap. It's got a lot of points but I saw a quilt made up with blocks like these on I don't know if this link will work but this is the quilting. I thought it was cool.
Then, remember (seems like 100 years ago!) me and my daughter spray painted that patio set? Well, I used my Joann's coupon and finally bought some new foam for the cushions. Then I made these new cushions.
It's my first time sewing piping. At least that I can remember! lol I'm waiting on my husband to cut out the wood for the new bases and then these will get stapled on the wood. He's been taking online classes and it's really interferring with my Honey-Do list!!! I could make an entire cushion to remove but I didn't buy enough fabric for that. I'll probably detach the cushions if we get a lot of rain this winter.
And look what my friend Carolyn from Alabamie made me! This sweet dishtowel! Aren't I the luckiest woman? It's so pretty. And I'm having my family over this weekend for my mom's birthday. My oldest sister Isabel, is a cherry lover. I'm going to have to padlock this puppy down so she doesn't steal it! :o)

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Kate said...

lovely cushions, like the fabric combination.