Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Remember Clothes Patterns?

Other then making an apron, I haven't used one of these tissue paper patterns in forever. I'm making a skirt for my boss's daughter. She is a faith program for her school and she will be the "pineapple". All I have left to do is hem it and I can get back to the real sewing....quilt blocks! :o)
This is the coolest stitch my new serger does....double hems. Woohoo! this is the hem to my t-shirt. My plain white shirt. I could put a spiffy label on it like "Liz Original Plain White Tee" and let people think I was wearing a couture t-shirt! LOL Do you think the fact it's Joann's fabric would give it away that it didn't come from Nordstroms? hehehe
Here's the finished t-shirt. This is after I wore it to work and got stuff on it. I'm such a slob. My boss laughed at me that I was so excited to make this. I'm sure she was jealous, don't you think? ;o)

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Conni said...

Oh, Bravo!! Great t-shirt! And I'm *sure* your boss was jealous! Heck, I think Nordy's was a bit envious, too!