Monday, August 4, 2008

Friday Night Lights

We had a busy weekend. Friday night we went to Whittier for a car show at Ruby's. It was hot when we got there but there was a nice breeze blowing so it made it tolerable. There was a good turnout. My SIL and her hubby joined us and that was nice to hang out.We took these two cars, a `34 Ford 3 window coupe and a `72 Chevy Chevelle that we're trying to sell. Our daughters used to drive it but now it's an extra car and we don't need an extra. We have a `55 Chevy too that is in the garage getting an automatic transmission put in. See why I get to buy fabric!!!!! :o)
On Saturday, my daughter came over to hang out and I put her to work. I got this patio set from my BIL when his 90 year old dad passed away a few years ago. We took metal brushes to the frame and I got the old seats off. Then we hosed it off.
Here it is all painted up purdy. I need to get wood cut for the seats and then I think instead of attaching cushions, I'll just make tie on cushions. I can't wait to finish this. It came out way better then I thought. And like anything that was made years ago, it's so much sturdier than anything we could find today (unless we wanted to spend a small fortune). Stay tuned for a cushion report. :o)

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Conni said...

What a great little table set. Amazing what a little paint can do!