Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New (used) Toy!!!

My good friend Sherrie, gave me her old serger, which really isn't all that old I don't think. She got a new-fangled Babylock a while ago that blasts air to feed the thread through so you don't have to thread it. Spiffy huh? lol Being such a great pal, she gave me her old one. She didn't even ask me to pay her for it. Just think, she could've asked me for a hundred dollars to buy a tank of gas or something!!!!! (Sad but true!!) But, lucky me, to have such a good buddy.

Monday I left work early to take a class on how to thread this baby. Little did I know that sergers are unlike any other machine I have ever tried to operate. Threading three or four spools of thread can be kind of tricky. In class, we did an overlock stitch, a rolled hem and another stitch you can use for garment sewing. I doubt I'll use that much but it was included in the lessons so I tried it. I'll probably use the serger for home dec. projects and finishing seams on simple clothing items. Tonight I'll try putting a rolled hem on this panel I found.

It's about card-table size. I thought it was so pretty, I had to buy it. Now I can serge the edges and wah-lah, a tablecloth!! :o)


Conni said...

That's a beautiful panel, Liz!! Will make a pretty, pretty table setting!

BusyLittleQuilter said...

What a sweet friend!

I have a serger, but I have never used it. I bought it at a time when I was vulnerable. I really shouldn't watch QVC when I am sick and feeling sorry for myself! lol

Have fun making your new pretty table cloth!

peggy said...

I always wanted a serger...didn't know what I'd use it for but I always wanted one :)
I LOVE the panel....looks very retro.
Have fun with the serger.