Friday, October 19, 2012

Lil' Pumpkin Cushies

I saw this little pumpkin pincushion on Pinterest.  It was a free tutorial from Fiskars and here is the link.  I wanted to make a little something for the girls that I'll be spending next weekend with for our little sewing 'retreat'.
I zipped through the directions for this first one and didn't even change my thread from white to orange.  I wasn't sure if I would like the project enough to make them or not.  I liked it!!  :o)
I'll probably have to keep this first one as I think I'll take more time with the others.  First, I buzzed through the sewing so my curves had a few points here and there.  As far as I know, there are no points on a pumpkin.  lol  Also, the example didn't have a stem so I looked around my craft stuff to see what I could use.  I was trying cinnamon sticks but when I cut them, they broke into tiny pieces.  Then I found these spools.  Perfect, right?  I didn't feel like curling ribbon in the oven so I grabbed some wire I had and wrapped it around a dowel.

My little monster friend is from my daughter Kelley.  She was selling them at the craft show this weekend.  This little zombie with the scant head of hair cracked me up and I had to have it.  :o)


The Other Barb said...

adorable pumpkin pin cushion!

Terry said...

Oh my goodness...that's so cute! :0)

Michelle said...

That's an adorable pumpkin Liz!!