Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Baby Quilt for Noah

Monday night, I got the binding tacked down on the baby quilt for Noah, my daughter's friend.  Nothing fancy about the quilt or the label but it's done and made with lots of love for the new little bundle of joy soon to come into the world.
I gave my daughter some credit on the label since she was my 'ironer', 'sewing machine set up gal' and 'quilt holder' as I machine quilted.  I would've given her credit anyway but I'm not telling her.  lol  I found this little saying somewhere on the internet and it's my 'go to' saying for a baby quilt.  I can't wait for a little bit of Heaven of my own!!  :o)

Monday night I also flew over to Joann's to exchange some little travel pillows.  I had bought two different kinds.  One was labeled travel pillow and the other two I got were decorative.  Well, at the time they didn't feel much different but they were all on sale and there was only one travel pillow.  After making the pillowcases, I put the pillows inside and you could definitely tell the difference so I did the exchange.  I was glad to see they had restocked their supply.  I wrapped the flannel blanket and pillow with some black ribbon and will sell the sets at the craft show Sunday.  It was nice to use this fabric out of my stash!!  (As you can imagine, it didn't even make a dent!)

I worked on some pincushions last night and totally destroyed my sewing room.  How can such a little project need so many supplies!!  I hope to share a few pics with you in the next couple of days. 

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