Friday, June 15, 2012

Card Night

Last night was craft night.  We had a nice little gathering with my buddies Neena, Susan and Irene.  Neena played with some new stamps she got and her BIG set of Copic markers.  Man, those things are cool but I'm not there yet.  I can resist them especially when I see the price.  Sheesh, they must have liquid gold inside!!!

Irene and I made a Father's Day card for our hubbies.  We kind of used this card as our inspiration but we didn't want such Christmassy colors.  The woman who made this card blogged about it here in case you want more info.

All I really had the same as her was black and the stamp!  :o)  But this is what me and Irene came up with.  This is her card...

And this is mine.  I think they came out pretty good.  I jotted down the dimensions so I can make a few more for my birthday card box.  I know a lot of guys in the family golf and I never have masculine birthday cards.  I'm going to fix that!!

Off to go work on finishing up the bags for the craft show.  All I have left is to thread the cording through them.  I had to go buy some first.  I'm almost done and then onto something else.  Maybe more make-up bags.  I only have three left!

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