Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sew, Sew, Sew

I finished 10 drawstring bags for the craft show.  It's not a lot but with my daughters also making things, I feel like I don't have to kill myself.  Yay!  :o)

I found this adorable print at the discount fabric store.  This would make a cute lunch bag.  I used what I had bought, so of course, I had to go back and get a few more yards!!  lol  I think it would be cute to make a fabric sack with a boxed bottom.  This fabric is so cute, it would be a cute whatever.....apron, pot holders, table topper....

The green bag in the back was made at the retreat I was at in Indiana.  Since I got the first bag made and was out of projects to do, I asked one of the girls that headed back to the quilt shop to get me some fabric off the sale table.  Usually I over pack but this was a first!  lol  The bag in front has an adorable western print purchased at the same discount store.  I love the little "rope" drawstring.

And lastly, I got two different car prints.  Can't you just picture these full of little Hot Wheels?  One of the ladies at the retreat made a bag out of car fabric for her grandson so when I saw this fabric, I scooped it right up.

I only have three make-up bags from the last batch I made so back to the cutting table!  I'm burning through the zipper stash I had built up but that's why I bought a bulk lot on ebay.  I better make some money so I can stock back up.


Milah Frost said...

Those are all so cute! But be careful, Liz, or you'll be known as the "bag lady." :)

The Other Barb said...

love these bags..the fabric is so cute! I like the idea of the bag used for hot wheels since my grandson has a "bizillion" Hot Wheels & he's only 3 1/2yrs old.