Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wedding Shower card

We're finally having the bridal shower for my daughter's friend Brenda this Saturday. Brenda had emergency surgery a while back so the 'surprise' shower got postponed and now she knows all about it. Me and Kelley can hardly wait to have this shower. I'm sure now that Brenda knows about it, she's excited too....we hope. LOL
I got into my room to make a card. And of course, you might as well do two cards if you're cutting paper for one, right? I had two different kinds of doilies so tried some layering but it seemed like something was missing. I'll show my kids and they'll say something like, "Oh, you just need one of these" or "you should've...". It's okay though. Hopefully, the bride-to-be will love the card and the present even more. :o)

Kelley made some little party favors with jars from Michael's (50% off...woohoo), colored sugar and a tea bag. The red and white polka dot background is a washtub sort of container that Kelley got me for Mother's Day. We'll use it for a party ice tub and put cute little bottles of drinks in it.

Off to go cut out a few more of those bridesmaid bags. Multi-task, multi-task......times a flyin' by!

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Michelle said...

So cute, I'm sure the bride-to-be will love all of it. The card, the gift, the shower. You guys are the best. Have fun this weekend, Saturday should be nice weather. Sunday, now that's a different story...