Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Butttttttercreeeeeeam. Yum!

Yesterday I got the supplies out for baking Brenda & Peter's wedding cake. I took cake decorating lessons when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter so the classes were some 32+ years ago. Things have changed quite a bit since then but some things have stayed the same too. Like my cake pans. They have held up really well for lots of years of baking cakes (though I don't do them much any more).
I "always" use Betty Crocker SuperMoist cake mix. It has never failed me and the cakes are so moist and delicious. I spray the sides of my pans with Pam Baking Spray and use parchment circles (I cut myself from rectangle pieces) in the bottom. These are 12" pans so I used three cake mixes but I really could've used one more and just made cupcakes with the leftovers. I like to fill the pans a little more and cut off the tops. That's what my family had as their treat for years. I wish I had a picture of my hubby's face yesterday when he came home and there was no "top". It was the saddest face ever. I made up for it tonight by baking another round cake and had lots leftover.
I needed to make another batch of icing for a total of 3 so I did a crumb coat on the cake to keep it from drying out.
Now, when you see these pictures you'll be able to tell I took my classes 30 years ago. I don't know how to do the ever-popular fondant and my style is "old school" but hey, the cake is free and I must say, it's tasty. It's white cake with raspberry filling and buttercream icing. How can you go wrong......old school or not. :o)
I needed something for the top of the cake for the wooden "couple" my daughter Kelley painted the happy couple. That will be their cake topper. I thought I had some wooden hearts but we couldn't find them. Kelley found a pack of sports coasters so I had her glue them together and wrap them in cellophane to keep the grease from the Crisco in the buttercream from soaking through it. And I was going to make roses for the top of the cake but it's warm and the icing was too soft. The roses looked like a blob so I just did a vine and some rosebuds. It was all I could think of to do at the last minute and it was getting late. There are only supposed to be about 20 people at the dinner after the ceremony so I think there will plenty of cake. Since this kind of cake is Peter's favorite, I hope they get some to take home too.


Conni said...

Looks great, Liz! You haven't lost your touch!

Terry said...

Wow! The cake is beautiful! :0)