Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flowers, bag parts and a card

I'm still working with my Nikon camera that my girls got me for my birthday. I still get a lot of blurry pictures so I played with the settings and took some pictures in the yard. I love my old Sony. It took such nice pictures and it was a point and shoot camera. This one is bigger but it's mine so I'm trying to work with it. :o)
Pretty zinnias...

My mother-in-law, Betty, passed away several years ago but she always had these little flowers in her garden. I love how they look like tissue paper flowers and that in each plant you can get lots of colors. It's called Portulaca and it's a succulent (I looked on Yahoo! lol) They're doing pretty good in this spot in the yard. Yay! (Don't mind the big weed in the picture. There's always one!! haha)

My roses are 'finally' blooming. I'm not sure if I wasn't watering them enough or what. I only have two in the yard. This one is Angel Face, from my friend when my mom passed away. It is so fragrant. I love it.

Last night and tonight I cut some of the kits I need for the bridesmaid bags for my daughter's wedding. I have several more to cut before I get to the sewing.

And tonight I made a card for the wedding we'll go to on Friday (for Brenda, from the shower last Saturday). I saw a simple card online and liked the simplicity of it so I used the basic premise of the card as a starting point. (I like mine better. lol)

Kelley made Brenda & Peter a wooden doll cake topper. When I talked to Brenda, they weren't having a cake at the wedding. They were doing a small dinner after the ceremony for a few friends and family. Me and my big mouth offered to make a cake since it can be small and there are only about 20 people who will be attending. I'm such a glutton for punishment, aren't I? lol If the cake comes out nice enough, I'll post pictures. It could be a disaster as I haven't made a cake in quite a while and my tendinitis has been acting up with all the rotary cutting and gardening I've been doing. Gee, you think I should back off some of these things? :o)

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Angel said...

Hi Liz! Thanks for the sweet comment! Love your pics - have fun with your new camera! Took some getting used to, but I love my dslr! And pretty card!