Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brenda's Shower (lots of pictures!)

Well, we finally had the bridal shower for my daughter Kelley's friend, Brenda. I'm sure if you have kids, you know sometimes there are a few that seem like your own. Brenda is one of those girls. Besides being one of Kelley's best buds, we joke that she is also like my middle daughter's twin sister. They are so much alike. Anyway, here are some pictures of the decorations and guests and of the bride-to-be......
Kelley used quilts, pennants, tea cups and paper lanterns to decorate the backyard.

Her colors for the shower were pink, red and little bit of every other color.

We found a few teapots at yard sales and thrift stores and tea cups from my collection and at a wholesale place. Kelley gathered things from all over the house to decorate with a shabby chic kind of style.

We had pink marshmallows left over from a craft project and they looked perfect in this thrift store container. We put straws in a milk bottle and put flowers from the 99 cent store in some of the teapots since it was in the 80's and too hot for a warm drink! Kelley mixed colored and clear sugar sprinkles for the party favors. You can see a close up picture in my last post.

We had pink lemonade and peach tea (yum!). The peach tea was the Market brand from Target and was so delicious and refreshing....and sugar free! The clear cups were also from the dollar store. I think there were about 10 in a package. They were a cute little shape, perfect for a tea party.

The plants in the yard filled in pretty nice by the time we had the party. I thought the bougainvilleas were goners but they're both coming back nicely. Don't you "love" the orange hand chair? That was trash-picked chair by my middle dd from her high school days and it's still here. lol We're a classy bunch, eh? This picture shows a good shot of Kelley's pennant. She used some cute fabric Stephanie got at a discount fabric store and some eyelet I've had since they were little girls (and needed to be used up a LONG time ago). Kelley cut them out and stitched two pieces together (except for the eyelet ones) and I chain sewed them together using double fold binding.

Here's another shot that shows the set up pretty good.

You can see the sun was bright that day. Kelley made name tags in her artsy-fartsy program. The vintage quilt they are on is one Stephanie bought several years ago at a thrift store in Hollywood when we went to see Wicked. Kelley bought the badge and personalized it for Brenda who's married name sounds like a Marvel comic character, Mrs. Brenda Blank. :o)

We put the food out at the last possible moment. There were cranberry scones, pumpkin scones, chicken Caesar salad, fresh fruit platter and also bowls of cherries and strawberries for use of their wonderful red color.
Brenda greeting some of her guests....

....having deep conversations and showing off her bling. :o)

A little peek at a few of the games.......He Said, She Said and a word scramble.
There was also a "guess who brought this lingerie" game. If she guessed wrong, she had to put it on. What a good sport!
You can't have a shower without a something RED, right? I got her this red pitcher, perfect for her own peach tea!

It was a good time. Good job, Kelley! And thank you mother nature for keeping the heat at an acceptable 82 degrees and a nice breeze blowing all afternoon.
And in case you are wondering where I was during this shower......at the food table, of course! Those dang scones were delicious!!! lol

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