Monday, January 25, 2010


You can't keep a good shopper down. That's my motto! I had a fractured molar and had it pulled on Friday but did that stop me from going to the Anaheim Convention Center to shop til I dropped? No, it didn't! lol Friday and Saturday of this week was the CHA Craft Show. CHA stands for Craft & Hobby Association and boy did they have the craft and hobby departments covered at this show!

My friend Sherrie came and picked me up and with my 800 mg ibuprofen in my purse, off we went. :o) We walked a mile just to get to the door but it was worth it. We all got a pretty red and white Michael's canvas bag. Ohh la-la, we love red! They had the new Cricut machine that cuts frosting like buttah! They were doing a demo and had make-it, take-its with a cupcake you could frost and then make a cupcake holder, wrap it in cellophane and carry your treat with you. We didn't get there until after 4:00 p.m. and it closed at 8:00 so we didn't stop to do any make-its. We were afraid we would miss something!

As it was, we missed a lot! We barely made it half way through the convention center. Our last stop before we were drug out kicking and screaming, was this booth. I will share a link to their site when I get home. I'm sure their website is on the package from the cherry stamp set I bought. Look at the adorable cards they had on display!

Did you click the picture to make it BIG so you could see the details? They do great cards! So Sherrie and I both got the cherry set and Sherrie bought the one with this donut and saying. Simply adorable! (Don't you want to lick it? lol)

And if that wasn't enough, we went over to my buddy Neena's house on Sunday to make Valentine cards. I didn't finish mine so I'll try to get that done tonight and post a few pictures. Dang, I haven't touched my sewing machine either. So much little time!!!!

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greetingarts said...

Oh my gosh, you lucky ducks! I thought CHA was closed to the public? Did you have and "in" somehow? That is amazing. I would *not* have been able to stay for just 4 hours, though, I would've hid in the bathroom or something so I could stay after hours! Fun, fun, fun. When are they coming back again?!