Wednesday, January 13, 2010

H - E - L - P!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, is anyone else projects, in fabric, in life???

Okay, it's really not that bad but sometimes that's how I feel (and how I look). This is me on the floor in my sewing room. (The bins of fabric in the closet were probably a hint that I wasn't in the kitchen, eh? lol)

We are doing a UFO Challenge on our Yahoo group site, Backporch Friends. We've done it the last few years and it's helped several of us "collectors" to get at least a few UFO's done from our vast list of projects. At the first of the year we list 15 projects that we would like to get done. But first, you have to FIND your 15 projects. As you can see from the photo, I did find them. They were buried in bins, bags, the closet, the spare room, under the sewing table. I've got my list made of mostly tops that need to be quilted. There are a couple of projects that need borders but mostly they are "ready to quilt" projects. And here they are:

  1. Christmas Trip Around the World - probably my oldest project from before I was a "real" quilter
  2. Christmas Snowman flannel top - kit from Orange County Quilt Guild show 2009
  3. Cozy Cottage Charmer - charm pack from Cozy Cottage, simple on-point setting
  4. Delectable Mountains 30's - from a swap on Sew Many Swaps?
  5. Birthday Table Runner - pattern I bought a few years ago. Half way through with satin stitching.
  6. Richard's baseball quilt - retreat mystery. Quilt aka/Sasquatch Quilt :o)
  7. Star Studded quilt - from class too many years ago
  8. Bread & Butter quilt - yellow and white kaliedescope blocks, BPF swap.
  9. Floral BOM - tops been done for a couple of years. Can't decide on quilting
  10. Batik BOM - ditto from above
  11. Red Pinwheels - top has been together for too long waiting for quilting. It's JUST pinwheels!
  12. 30's four patch wall hanging - needs a border and maybe the "A" word around it.
  13. Neens's Table Runner - needs to be quilted
  14. June Lake wall hanging - snowballs and nine patches. I "might" attempt to hand quilt this one but I'd like to finish it before I'm 80 years old! LOL
  15. Fruit Mystery quilt - from CA retreat

Do me a favor. In about two weeks, stop by and ask me if I've done anything yet? Thanks! :o)


greetingarts said...

Will do, Liz. You'd better get crackin'! :0)

Helen McNaught said...

Oh Liz!! are you sure you didn't sneak into MY sewing room and take that photo!!!! I'm in the middle of a BIG clean-up due to bugs eating my embroidery! but I'm also trying to get some sewing done:-) Your list is impressive.... I'm sure when I've finished my clean up I will also have such a list!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh Liz! That would be funny if it didn't hit so close to home! LOL That picture totally could have been taken in my sewing room. LOL You can do it...get 'er done!!

Jackie said...

You have some lovely stuff in that room! Good luck on getting your projects completed!