Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Long drives and back to sewing...

I'm back from San Diego. My sis and I went on Thursday and got back Saturday. Thankfully, the skies were blue and we didn't hit any rain on the drive home. My mom should find out tomorrow if and when she'll have gallbladder surgery. She's doing pretty well and though we were sorry to miss Road to CA, there will be other quilt shows and it was good to take care of our mom.

The blue skies didn't last but it's okay. We need rain in Southern California! My sister drove home on Sunday morning and hit a little bit of rain right before getting home. I took this picture out my front door yesterday, MLK Day. I had the day off, which was nice to play catch up after being gone. It was pouring and the wind was blowing pretty hard. I don't know why that darn old tree in my front yard won't blow down, doggone it! I call it a Dr. Seuss tree. I wouldn't mind it but it doesn't have many leaves. Looks sort of sorry. lol We're due to have more rain tomorrow and a really big storm on Thursday. Should I call Noah? :o)

I sandwiched two quilts yesterday. Well, one quilt and a table runner. I'm working on that UFO list! But I've got a "code in by doze". :o) A stuffy nose and chest congestion so when I felt like I needed to sit down for a bit, I worked on my BOM. This block is from November. I am behind due to the holidays so I'll try to chip away at it a little during tv time in the evenings.

I started stitching on the table runner tonight and got it anchored but didn't take a picture of it. This is the other quilt I got sandwiched.

I think I'll just stitch in the ditch on this one to keep the kaliedoscope effect. It'll have to wait until I'm done with the table runner though. Better go get back to that!


Conni said...

Love the butter blocks!! They are making into one pretty quilt! Drink lots of fluids, you know, some chicken soup for the cold!!

Connie W said...

Sorry about the cold, they're no fun. :(
I love the strawberries stitchery! Take care and get better.