Monday, January 25, 2010

Finally, a little sewing!

I tried to make the little nursing cover up I mentioned yesterday for my neighbor's baby shower gift. Sometimes flying by the seat of my pants works and other times, it doesn't. I had not seen one of these cover ups in person, only saw a small picture online so I wasn't aware they are just fabric and not lined or quilted. Well, I quilted the first one I tried and it's more like a diaper pad. Too thick and not pliable to hug mom while she nurses. When we were at the craft show Friday, I saw the pattern in a kit at the Tall Mouse booth so I bought it. The fabric was adorable so that clinched the deal.

The pattern is very easy to follow and I finished the gift last night in just a few hours. It would've gone quicker but I had the tv on and took a few phone calls. :o) The couple is having a little girl and this fabric was perfectly cute with pink hearts and flowers. (Hopefully, she won't be riding a scooter right away.) lol

It has an adjustable strap that goes around mommy's neck, has boning in the front so it naturally curves away from the body so she can see the baby and has a flannel pocket sewn across the bottom for things like nursing pads, binkies, etc.
Since I posted working on this, a nice on-line buddy wrote me and said there is a free pattern available, so if you are looking to make something like this, the directions look the same. Here's the link.


Angela said...

Well that is pretty neat. I hadnt seen anything like that. She will love it I am sure. Very thoughtful of you. Hope your mouth is feeling better too.

ojaiquilter said...

Great job for a quickie gift. It looks very practical too.