Friday, June 5, 2009

Nature, Burn out and Cute as a Button!

Today's blog is all about yesterday. :o)

On my way home from work, I take a little side street and yesterday I had to grab my camera and take this quick picture of the Jacaranda trees in bloom. They're so pretty. I don't know if it's very much fun to park beneath these purple trees but I still think they're pretty.

That's one of my favorite things about Fullerton. All the tree lined streets. The neighborhood where I grew up had very small streets, where only one car could pass at a time. When we moved to Orange County and I saw these wide streets and all of the trees, I thought I had to live here. Ahhh, it's the little things that make me happy. hehe

Next up, my dead, burned out iron.

My poor little traveling Rowenta has died and needs to go to iron Heaven (or the recycle bin). I guess it has had too many days of sitting in the "on" position for too long. It just quit getting hot. But she had a good life. I think she's been to Lake Arrowhead, Indiana, Ventura, oh, and Santa Ana!!! :o) And darned ol' Joann's excludes irons from their 40% off coupons now! Bah-humbug! Guess I'm going to have to scout some sales.

And here is that little darling boy, Gavin, that my daughter used to babysit. Gavin is now three years old. He is my good buddy Sherrie's grandson. Last night we were at Sherrie's for TNT, aka Sewing Night. When I came back from the restroom, Sherrie had Gavin up on her lap and he said to me, "I'm sewin'!" Such a cute little face. That boy loves buttons and gadgets and electronics. I told Sherrie, "You better unplug that thing or he'll be sewing while your gone!" lol He even got to push the "cut" button to cut the thread. He was one happy boy on Grandma's lap.

The only thing better then sewing, are Gavin's trains. One was Thomas and the other one was.....oh, I can't remember what he said the other one was called but he tested me last night.

Gavin: "What's this one called?"

Liz: "Thomas."

Gavin: "Oh yeah, that's right." (Like he forgot!) LOL


Conni said...

Tell Sherrie that Gavin is a cutie!! And I'm so sorry about your little iron!!

Penny said...

Love the pretty trees and what a great shot of Sherrie and Gavin. Very sweet!
Sorry about the iron. It's traveled way more than I ever have!!!

Library Gal Quilts said...

Oh I have to get my rear to Joann's now. I love those buttons omg...and let me tell you I know about little "Ro" mine is just about had it...if you have a Kohl's there, somedays they are on sale...may she rest in iron peace! that little Gavin is A dorable Liz!! Have a good day and safe travels, pam in Chico