Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cards and a Zip-it

Here are the three cards I made at a Stampin' Up! party I went to on Sunday. We made this first one using a brayer and the Big Shot. We colored the "debossed" side of the card so it had grooves instead of a raised embossed side. I didn't color mine as nice as some of the girls which is surprising because usually, I'm the strong arm and press so hard I could break the legs off the table. LOL

This was an easy card and I think it's actually a copy of one in the catalog. I don't know any names of the stamp sets. I was just the guest. :o)

And this was my FAVORITE CARD EVER!!!! :o) We used SU decorative paper and either side of the paper was cute as could be. I forget what Neena said the name of it was but I bought two packages of the stuff. lol

Then last night my middle dd came over and we (and I use the term 'we' loosely) sewed a couple of zip-its. I don't even know if the pattern for the zip-its is around anymore. We couldn't find mine so we went from memory. Another term I use loosely. :o)

I bought the Fullerton High School fabric from Cozy Cottage. She got a couple of bolts from someone who got it.....well, it was in the store! lol The first time I went in there, I bought two yards of it because my girls are all alumni of that high school. Well, then the lady I work with had a niece and tons of friends who go there and wanted some. Then the lady I work for wanted some and sent me back to buy a bolt! I guess when you're the boss you can do that. Anyway, it's the boss's daughter that I made this for. She is graduating from jr. high and going to Fullerton next year. The boss and her hubby are alumni of there too so I'm sure they'll think it's cool. I think I'm going to make some more tonight at TNT (sewing night) because I have a strange feeling there will be requests of this hot, designer number. :o)


peggy said...

I love those zip it bags...haven't seen that kind of zipper though!!!

Conni said...

The coffee cup card is sooooo cute!! I think I would have fun making those!! And I need to make a few of those Zip-it bags. I have the Pet Screen, just need to sit down and do it!

Robin said...

Great cards and zippy, Liz!! I've never made cards but they look like they're so much fun ;)

ojaiquilter said...

Of the three, I like the cups card the best. The bag is cute too. You have been busy!!!