Friday, June 12, 2009

Hung up my buttons

I finally figured out where I could hang my decorative buttons. I tell you, my room is wall to wall sewing stuff so it took some creative thinking! I had a sign above my window that said "Woman Cave" because my hubby has a game room and his sign says "Man Cave". I figured if that was his hangout, this was mine but the buttons are much cuter than the sign!

I ended up using the small buttons. I just dont have a big enough room to be able to have the big 12" buttons.

You know, in looking at this picture, I don't think I like anything "real" size. It's either oversized scissors, spools and buttons or itty bitty collections of sewing machines, irons....stuff. So much stuff. Well, a girl has to have her toys!!!!!


Barb said...

I love your woman cave...and the buttons

Robin said...

very nice Liz! Now I gotta get me some of those buttons! LOL every crafty gal needs her own room for sure!!

Michelle said...

Love those buttons, Liz! I saw them in the ad too, but they were out at my store. :( I'll keep checking though...Very cute room!