Monday, June 8, 2009

License Plate: I'd Rather Be Sewing!

You've seen those, right? Except they say I'd rather be fishing or golfing or something manly. Well, this week I'm doing some things around the house so.....I'd rather be sewing. I did get a little bit of sewing done on Saturday. Me, Sherrie and Neena (the TNT girls) are making this little tote as a group project. This is how far I got before I had to stop. There's another embroidered pocket on the inside so I'll get to that when I have a chance to sit down and stitch. Probably next TNT!!

Okay, so now here is the nightmare of a spare room. This has been a catch all room since my youngest daughter moved out after graduating from college TWO YEARS AGO!!! She finally took her pictures off the wall (with a little proding from mom). So, all of the "stuff" went into the game room to give us some room to move around. I will spare you the photograph of the sheet hanging on the window from when we had new windows put in and I hadn't hung the mini blind back up. Argh!

So we got to painting. My job is cutting in and hubby's job is rolling. This happened on Saturday and by Sunday morning, the walls were all painted. Yay! No fancy colors. Just a base coat in kind of boring beigy putty color. My mom's coming for a visit in a week so I thought I'd make it look like a spare room instead of a garage.

And after some assembly........actually, A LOT of assembly, sore hands, back, legs, etc., etc.

I got these bookcases and little drawer unit put together.

Now to go through all that "stuff" and to decide what gets put away and what gets pitched. I hope to get back to sewing by the end of the week. I hope!!!

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Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Liz, can't wait to see the finished bag, looks like it's going to be cute.
I need to work on a room since our daughter moved out and haven't touch it. Love the bookshelfs.
Keep Stitchen'