Tuesday, April 14, 2009


When I hear about high mortgage prices in California, I think of all the great things we have here and why our cost of living is so high. I'm sure fields and fields of these are one reason......

Don't they look delicious?

Okay, maybe strawberries aren't the reason we pay so much to live here. I suppose it could be our weather. Or that fact that in one day, I could drive from the ocean to the snow covered mountains, but would I want to? Probably not. Why not? Because one of the not-so-great reasons to live here is TRAFFIC! And I'm kind of spoiled. My commute to work is 2.4 miles one way. I have to gear up for a drive to the mountains or the beach....but I'm getting off my subject about strawberries. hehe I love this little fruit and my only complaint is that the season is too short.

I picked up a flat when I left sister #1's house on Saturday. There are a lot of growing fields between her house and the freeway so me and my mom stopped and I bought the strawberries and a box of navel oranges. Both are/were delicious. I think I'll need to put some strawberries in the freezer though, unless my kids come over to help eat them. This morning I got up and some of them were fuzzy. Ack! I tossed out a few and washed the rest, bagged them up and stuck them in the fridge. I did all that this morning and was late for work, but it was worth it. I have a good recipe for a strawberry dessert I'll dig up tonight and share with you. It's delish!


Barb said...

I paid 8.99 for a quart of strawberries here in Samoa....sheweee...was it worth it...yes...but will I do it again, don't know.

greetingarts said...

Sigh. Strawberries. Rebecca might be allergic, so I haven't bought strawberries or even had more than one or two (snuck in at a friend's house or at a buffet or something) since 2006. Sniff, sniff, I miss those gorgeous berries! Especially those dang chocolate dipped ones you showed a while back! I think this summer I'm going to bite the bullet and just give her a slice and see what happens. If she isn't really allergic, then I'm going to go on a strawberry buying spree.