Friday, April 24, 2009

Long Lost Liz :o)

Where has this month gone? I swear, I blinked and it's almost over. I've been busy doing some errands in the evenings and just not getting on the computer too much for blogging.

My nephew is getting married on Labor Day weekend and I'm helping my sister with the rehearsal dinner invites. Since last night was TNT (Thursday Night Therapy), my buddy Neena came over and she helped do all the cutting. Isabel did some glueing and assembly and I was the computer geek. I did a little card that was a decorative piece and the actual information page of the invitation. We had a pretty good assembly line going. I forgot to take a picture but will do that tonight.

The bride-to-be Ashley, asked if we could help her with names for the tables so people would know where to sit. I got out my Cricut machine and laptop adn cut some samples from the Calligraphy cartridge.

They are getting married at a winery so she thought it would be fun to use wine names for the tables to keep a theme going. I tried to use this feature called "welding" to attach the letters together but I couldn't get it. My sis is here for the weekend so she's doing more assembly at my house while I put in my time at work. I told her if she had a minute to read the manual to see what we're doing wrong.

I'll check in later this weekend with a few pictures of the finished projects. As you can imagine, there has been no sewing going on. I hope to get back to some stitching on Sunday.

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Conni said...

What a great idea for the tables!!