Monday, April 13, 2009

Sister, Mother, Easter

I am number 4 of five girls in my family. That's my name. #4. Kind of like Johnny 5, the little robot from Short Circuit. hehe Sister #5 lives in San Diego and my mom lives with her. We try and give #5 a break every chance we get. She loves my mom but has two boys and sometimes she just needs a little break.
Sister #1 (she doesn't let us forget that part, being #1 lol), she lives in Ojai. Quaint, beautiful Ojai, California. My mom has been visiting with #1 for two weeks. I am the transportation go-between for #5 and #1. I live in Fullerton, which happens to be two hours from both cities in either direction so I usually meet #5 at a restaurant and pick up my mom and somehow, #1 gets her from my house.
All that to say that on Saturday I went and picked up my mom from #1's house. I went by myself for a lovely drive. It was mostly sunny and I hardly hit any traffic and got to Ojai just after noon. I took the scenic route. It's a pretty drive, especially this time of year. There is little photo op at the top of the valley.

My sister has lived there for about 30 years or so. Who wouldn't want to live there? It's gorgeous!! There are some kookie artsy-type people, but hey, no place is perfect, right? LOL

Isn't it gorgous? And then I got to #1's house and she is just too perfect. Look at her pretty little Spring display in her dining room.
Ahhh, it's like Better Homes & Gardens. :o) We watched some of the movies I mentioned in a blog a while back. And I got to see the ones that she had taken of when all our kids were little. They are mid 20's to early 30's now. I'm going to check into transferring the film onto DVD's to preserve them. It was a nice trip down memory lane. But it was getting late and I needed to get on the road back home. I had food to prepare for Easter Sunday so we loaded my mom up and off we went into the sunset. :o)

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Library Gal Quilts said...

Hi There! I traveled here from Kris's know, I think Costco has a great deal on transferring to dvd at least they do here in Chico. By the way, I grew up in West Covina and have cousins in Santa I know the landscape of which you speak! Strawberries in early spring...good old so cal! Pam in Chico