Thursday, December 4, 2008

What the heck have I been doing?

Yeah, I know my last post was November 18th. My sister even commented that she keeps looking but there's nothing new! So this is it......

This is from Thanksgiving. Our pre-meal snacks to hold us over before the 'real' meal.

Hard to believe anyone would have room for turkey after all those yummy goodies but we did. I couldn't find any big turkeys at the market so got two fifteen pounders. I have the new double ovens so that worked out just fine. Here they are "unstuffed" and ready to be sliced. the look kind of pitiful but they were delicious!

I hit Michaels Crafts with my mom on Black Friday. Got a few gifts and some great deals. They weren't too busy so we didn't have to wear any body armor, thank goodness!! lol You never know with these people on a mission. They can get kind of scary! Later that day we went out to visit my SIL. Her son and his family were here for the holiday from Missouri.

THEN...on Saturday, I got my mom busy unpacking decorations and I put them up all over the house. I still have boxes stacked by the back door to go back out to the garage but I feel good this is done!

My middle daughter needed to finish a quilt for a co-worker's baby shower so she came over on Monday. I helped her piece the back and sewed up the binding for her while she quilted it on my Juki. She did a simple snowball/nine patch block design in pink and black. It came out very cute.

Now, I've got projects all over for Christmas. I'm knitting a scarf for my boss, the woman who has everything and if she doesn't have it, she can buy it for herself. She's the worst to buy for!!

I've got ornaments to finish, crayon bags cut out and waiting for assembly, shopping to do, etc., etc. But it feels good to have the things done that have happened already, like the decorating. SEE!!! I've been so busy, blogging was the last thing on my mind! Hope you are finding time to "play" this season.


Kelley said...

what the heck is a crayon bag...I wanna see!

peggy said...

You are a girl of many talents Liz...can't wait to see that scarf!! I know as a non knitter that I'd LOVE a scarf made special for me at the holidays.....
Most people who don't do that type of thing appreciate homemade items!

You sure had some spread....makes me think that if I ate half that stuff my you know what would "spread"....

ozjane said...

You work for Martha S. or for Oprah?


Christie said...

Help me out here chica...why is your daughter wearing gloves while sewing? Was she having a bad mani day? LOL
FYI...I'm back, come visit the blog!