Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wicked....third time's a charm!

I thought going to the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood earlier this year to see the play Wicked was a chance of a lifetime, so I don't know what it means that I've been fortunate enough to go see it three times! This last time I got to go in style! My boss Donna, treated me and our part-time gal Becca to the play, plus we got to take our daughters. Now, having Becca's daughters and my boss's daughter go was great for them, because they're young ladies, but for the boss to include my daughter's, who are adult women, was above and beyond. They were so excited!! It was pretty amazing. Donna rented a Hummer stretch limo similar to this one. We met at her house. Wow!! Pretty cool huh? Here are Kelley, Stephanie and Ashley checking out the limo.

They don't let you take pictures while in the theatre but how am I supposed to post a blog without pictures??? So I broke the law and snuck this shot of the stage curtain. This picture is how close we were to the stage. Not only did we travel in style, but we were in row F. ROW F PEOPLE. lol That's 6 rows back from the orchestra! It was awesome!!

The show was excellent and we walked around the corner to get out of traffic and give the limo driver a place to pick us up. I took this picture of the Capital Records building to show you how nice a day it was. It was a beautiful day in ol' Hollywood. Ahhh, what a day! Check out the Wicked website and see if it's playing somewhere near you. You won't be sorry.


greetingarts said...

You lucky duck! How fantastic is that?! Wait, maybe she isn't paying you enough...

Oh, and I never knew you were such a lawbreaker. Could've guessed it, but now it's been confirmed. :0)

Robin said...

Sounds like you all had a GREAT day, Liz!!! I'll have to go see if that play is still in NYC ;)