Friday, October 10, 2008

The Birthday Girls

Last night was our usual Thursday night sewing night. And instead of well, sewing, we celebrated birthdays. Some VERY belated and one early one. Here are Sherrie, Neena and Debbie getting ready to dive into the yummy dessert Sherrie made. Debbie's birthday was in August and Neena's was in September but for one reason or other, we couldn't seem to get together. Sherrie's is in a few days.

This is the dessert Sherrie made....lady fingers lined the bowl, 2 packs of sugar free vanilla pudding mixed with cool whip and put in the center of the bowl. In the center of the dessert she put the rest of the cool whip mixed with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries (I think that's what she said). It was DELICIOUS!!! And not too bad for us either. (The picture doesn't do it justice, really!) Oh, I think I need to make this. I'm having a craving!!!!
Thank goodness for timers on cameras. Sherrie's family had all gone to bed so I put the camera on a plastic cookie container from the bakery, on top of that a kitchen sponge, on top of that a jelly toy thingie just so the camera was in the right position. lol I even bought one of these slick tripods but forgot all about it!! lol Go figure!
After we filled out bellies, we went back into the sewing room and the girls openend presents. That's always fun. :o) This is what I did for Debbie. A Fall centerpiece and some decorations for her table.

Debbie and I went in together and got Neena Lakehouse fabrics that Neena has loved since they came out but we couldn't find them at any of our local shops anymore. I dug around on the internet and found some on sale. Woohoo. Debbie found the book with some ideas on what Neena could make and the vinyl project bag. Do you think Neena likes them?

And look at Sherrie. "Oooooo." lol We got her some quilty block stamps and a button punch. Neena got Sherrie and Debbie a really neat serving dish that you can add ice to so you can serve up salads, salsa and dips and keep them you don't make your company sick. :o)

And below are our hand models, showing off their Brighton charm bracelets that Sherrie got them. They are personalized with their initial, little cell phone charm and their birthstone. Very cute.

And in case you are birthday is in January and I had a very nice celebration and didn't have to share it with anybody. I'm kind of selfish that way. LOL

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Conni said...

Happy Birthday, Ladies!! And the dessert looks yummy!!